Don Mahoney – Authorised Police Identifier of Firearms, Licensed Firearms dealer – 0412 851 126

I have been involved in antique ,collectables and military auctions since 1973. I have also lived in the UK and the USA ,during which time I got to see many auctioneers in action and I am delighted to say that I would put David Smith right up there with the very best in the world. Several years ago David contacted me and asked me to identify some antique firearms he had up for auction. Since that time I have worked closely with David with many of his big military and collectables auctions. David has a very friendly approach as an auctioneer and will get the very best prices for his clients . I refer many clients to David and am always happy with the excellent feedback I receive.  They are constantly impressed with his auctioneering skills, honesty and speed of settlement. I would highly recommend David to anyone and would be happy to talk to anyone regarding his service. Please call me call me on 0412 851 126 if you wish to discuss further.

David B T Mckay – 0414 555 470

I’ve known David Smith for most of my life.  As far as an auctioneer and livestock agent, I consider David highly competent and reliable.  He has an intimate knowledge of my substantial farming operation at Royden Evans Plains. I find his buying and selling strategies very helpfully and profitable. He will go out of his way too help in marketing of my stock i.e. when we buy and when we sell he also helps mustering drafting at times when transport has been in short supply, he has even organised a truck and carted the stock himself. David always pays me very promptly. I find his boutique style of agency suits me down too the ground.

Selling at CTLX at Carcoar a huge vibrant market place access to all major meat companies’ agents and feedloters regardless of weather I offer 5 or 200 head.  When I’m buying David helps me access a highly skilled commissioned buyer who can meet our exact requirements for a very low fee. I find dealing with David very easy and relaxed.

Paul Featherstone, Mt Lambie Rydal Meadow Flat – 0427 848212

I have known David Smith since 1982, he sold my stock when he traded alone as a sole trader and later as Smith & Barnes with David Barnes. I was delighted when David decided to come back to the livestock industry. I run approximately 200 breeding cows, 400 fist cross ewes. David and I have worked closely for many years and I have expanded my operation to incorporate a lamb fatting enterprise that has become very profitable . David has helped me find lease and ajistment blocks where I can run my breeders, leaving my heavy carrying block at Meadow Flat for fattening . I use CTLX Carcoar as a market place and I source my stores there and have developed a reputation as having top quality fat stock the large field of buyers keenly compete  for . David has always been known as a a top auctioneer he has a great rapport with the buyers. David is an outstanding judge of livestock and together we work on strategies that make my farming enterprise highly profitable , please call me if you require any more information  – 0427 848212